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Around 400 different shapes and paint using Underglaze or Acrylic Paint.

It's all about choice on The Mug Tug.  Come and have fun decorating a pot of your choice. Imagination, singing, laughing, photographs are all encouraged. And if you don’t think you have any imagination or artistic skills then don’t worry we can help with lots of ideas and simple cheats to create something you'll be impressed with.

Just choose your shape, how you will decorate your item (see below), the colours you'd like, deciding on any patterns, sharing the experience, enjoying the music and singing along maybe...............all of which go to creating a memorable experience.  Every time you look at your masterpiece in the years to come you’ll remember the great time you had making it and who was there to help.


Underglaze painted items need to be left with us for glazing and firing but if you can't wait (takes about a week) then how about Acrylic paint? Giving a matte finish but just as fun to do and you can take them home with you on the same day!

Paint a pot















Choose from our 350+ different shapes and sit and paint your pot using our 36 different colours of 'magical' paint. Use an array of tips, tricks and tools to create a truly unique and wonderful masterpiece, whether it be purely decorative, a gift for someone special, or something usable for yourself.


All painted items need to be left with us for glazing and firing, which takes about a week.  We will let you know when they are ready and you can collect when it's convenient.


If you are unable to return to collect then we can post items to you for an additional charge to cover costs.

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Foam Clay











Choose a decorative pot from our collection and create something special using Acrylic Paint. 

Acrylic Paint is not suitable for items that can be used for food or drink or that will get wet, so only decorative items are recommended for this finish.

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