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Thank you for booking a party with

The Mug Tug at Barton Marina.  

You will find the following information about Parties on The Mug Tug useful - please read 😊

  • We will have the Boat set up all ready for your arrival, so you only need to arrive about 10 minutes before, to drop your food/party bags in the Boat, before greeting your guests on The Promenade.  Once everyone has arrived then we will bring all the children in together.  If it is raining on the day then greeting on the Boat is a must 😉

  • we don’t have a lot of space for guests parents to stay during the party, they are welcome to come on the boat collecting their children but ask that they enjoy a couple of hours of ’freedom’ without their little ones.  Birthday Child’s parents are expected to stay and enjoy the fun.  

  • After the painting activity we ask you to take the children to the public toilets (at the end of the Promenade) to have a quick stretch of their legs, a comfort break and wash their hands.  Whilst you are off the Boat, we clear down the tables, sanitise them and they are ready for you to have your food.  You are now in charge, we leave you to serve food as you wish. 

  • We do not have clean drinking water on the boat.  If you are bringing squash for drinks, please dilute this before you arrive. 

  • We have no problem with candles on the boat – a birthday cake is NOT a birthday cake without candles.  However, we ask you not to use the large sparkler candles (they’re like an indoor firework almost), some have almost reached the ceiling, and we would prefer not to evacuate you before the end of the party lol 😊  Please bring a lighter/matches and a knife for cutting, we don’t keep a long knife on board.

  • Please can we ask that if you wish to give the children a party blower or other noisy toys that you put them in party bags given out as they leave the boat.  The noise made is extremely loud in a small space such as ours and some children can get upset if it hurts their ears.

  • All children receive a sticker and balloon when they leave the boat at the end of the party.

  • Painted items are left on board for glazing and firing and may be collected approximately a week later.  We will text you when items are ready for collection.


If you have questions about anything then please give us a call on

01283 711341 or WhatsApp on 07715 581512

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