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Hen Parties









Hen Parties

Hen parties on The Mug Tug are great for Hen's of all generations.  So, if you've invited Grandma along and she can't quite manage the Llama treking activity you've got planned in the morning then she'll have great fun on our boat - along with your little sister who you don't want to feel left out.



Just book a table for the number of Hens in your party and choose from over 400 different shapes when you arrive. 


Hens may pay for their items individually on the day.


We provide wine glasses, so bring some nibbles and something 'fruity' to help your party go with a swing.


Please keep in mind that adults WILL usually take at least 2 to 2½ hours to paint their creations so if you are booking a taxi/minibus or a table for a meal afterwards you would need to take this into account.


And why not paint your Bride a memento of the occasion? Either at the Party or if Hens can visit us beforehand, to give to the Bride on the day! Our Hen money bank is a favourite! Or maybe a two tiered cake plate with messages from all the Hens?  Make at the party or could be made before the event and can be used for cakes on the event and a lovely surprise for the Bride too!  Talk to us about your ideas and we can offer inspiration.


Wedding - Favours, Place Settings and Gifts












Here on The Mug Tug we have a wide range of items to make to give a personal and colour coordinated flourish to your Wedding or Civil Partnership Celebrations.  Bring us your ideas/theme/colours and we can tailor our package to suit your needs.


We make place settings for the wedding top table or for all your guests to enjoy and take home with them as a memento of the occasion. Anything from egg cups and mugs to fridge magnets or stars hung with ribbon, even baubles if it's Christmas wedding. 



Signature Plates - Ceramic Guest Book












Our very popular Signature Plates come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your tastes, and with a variety of designs to choose from to give a truly personal keepsake to cherish.


Choose the shape and we will paint it with your chosen design, colours and wedding details.  It  will be glazed and fired ready for you to take to your wedding celebration. Guests write messages on the piece with our special pens and sign as desired.


The next day, or when you get home from your honeymoon, pop it in your own oven to set the ink permanently – no need to bring it back for firing.


But it doesn’t have to be a plate! Why not choose

a Teapot, fruit bowl or clock?  And they are not

just for weddings! We have also made

celebration signature plates for Baby Showers,

Christenings, Wedding Anniversaries,

Birthdays and Leaving Presents





Gifts for the Bridal Party

Come and paint a present for the happy couple or we can paint it for you. Commissions are taken for all items and for any occasion or make it more special and paint it yourself.







Gifts for the Happy Couple

Come and paint a gift for the happy couple to help them remember their special day.  If you don't want to paint it yourself then you can Commission us to make something for you. We can personalise with the Wedding Day details and any message making it a truly unique gift for the Bride and Groom, Bride and Bride, or Groom and Groom to cherish.



Weddings and Hen Parties
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